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Alas, my dears, we come towards the end of the last volume that has yet been discovered of these memoirs. While 'tis ever possible that further episodes may emerge, it seems as if there is a natural break forthcoming.

And after a million +/- words, 'tis perchance a suitable occasion for a rest.

We confide, however, that there will still be some snippets and treats for the devot'd followers of Lady B- and her circle.

(And your amanuensis will then devote herself to the business of self-publication in the hopes that a wider audience may come to an appreciation of these memoirs, and that, perchance, felicity may be further maximiz'd.)

Date: 2017-05-15 08:42 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] sharpiefan
O no, it's ended? This makes me very sad, but thank you so much for the great pleasure it has been to read this every day - it has been the highlight of my day to read that day's entry/

I should have liked to have learned how the new Lord N's suit proceeded and how Meg found it at school - Lady B-'s set have become very dear friends to me over the year or more that you have been writing.

And a million words? Not bad at all for something that began as a three-sentence meme. I look forward to whatever snippets are forthcoming, and look forward immensely to there being a print book!!


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