Date: 2016-01-01 04:49 pm (UTC)
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I don't! - some of them have come to me over time, but, apart from the way that the use of initials reflects the conventions of the form, as I have been literally writing this as daily episodes, it also served the purpose of not having to research names for a) period accuracy and b) but not those of some actual contemporary member of the aristocracy, scientist, artist, etc, which would be seriously time-consuming.

The names that I do know and have featured in text are: Clorinda Cathcart (Madame C- C- herself); the F-'s first names are Josiah and Eliza; Biffle is his sister's infant version of Beaufoyle; Miss T-'s name is Kitty; Lady W- is Susannah; the elder Miss K-, later Mrs S-, is Martha; her siblings are Viola and Sebastian (because they're fraternal twins).

Not in the text but ones I am pretty sure of: Lady J- is Jane, and Lord G- R- is Gervase.

Another Source gives Sandy's full name as Alexander MacDonald.

Glad you're enjoying them!
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