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Does anybody have any questions, comments, etc? *AMA*

While I feel that a lot of loose ends got tied up in the final few episodes, I daresay readers may still have a few questions about how certain things turned out? Or indeed about things that happened in existing text.

With a proviso that in some cases there may be [spoilers] involved with respect to snippets in process or projected.

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Honestly, I am most curious about what adult Flora and Hannah are up to, but that takes us into a whole other generation and any number of possible trajectories ...
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This. And do Em and Lalage maintain a partnership?

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I sincerely hope that the lady who is no longer Mrs D- K- has a happy marriage out in Nova Scotia, and no one ever finds out about

Who does Sebastian K wed? Does he wed? Do his father and Mrs P find true comfort together in a surprisingly respectable fashion?
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Seconding these questions! and adding a third about Bess and Tom O - was their romance just a youthful fling, or something more?

(And I thought I saw some hints of Sebastian/Meg but that might just be wishful thinking.)

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Oh, and how Josh ends up as an adult. I have always wondered about his future. (And Bess and Meg, as above).

Apparently, what I actually want is The Comfortable Courtesan: The Next Generation, which is really an excessive request ...

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What happens to all the little F's? Are C and J and E ever able to happily triangulate in a little country house somewhere away from prying eyes? Does Flora ever know who her other mother was?

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How did Sandy and Lord G- R- meet in the first place? And what is Sandy's family background?

Also, does Meg enjoy school when she goes?
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Also, what was the situation that made it prudent that C both cease writing her memoirs, and hide them?
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What happened to Lady J- and Miss A- when the latter retired from the stage? And the Admiral?

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No particular questions for you -- just saying thank you for the answers!
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Do the Ts ever come back to England, or do they stay in Australia for the rest of their lives?
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How long does the mad Marquess survive? And what happens to the estate after his death?
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O was going to ask after the F-'s, but I see you've already covered that. ❤

Does Docket ever retire? How well do they manage her health issues? And do she and Biddy Smith ever have a romantic entanglement, or are they just good friends?

What happens to Julius and Hannah? It sounds like Hannah at least stays attached to Clorinda and the F-'s for some time.

Is Milord ever forced to marry, or are he and Sandy able to be devoted "bachelors" forever?

(I imagine the question of whether C and Sandy ever do knock boots might be better left to fanfiction...)

I'm going to be so sad to have less excuse to use these icons, haha.

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Oh and a question about existing plotline:

Julia P-, the one who grew up in India, got married to....Lord H- or something? Whose son was also a suitor?

Wasn't one of them also the Lord Handsy that Clorinda kept having to warn all the women about? Which one did Julia marry, and was she happy?

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All these answers are so lovely!

Does Sir B- W- ever make Prime Minister?
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I'd like to know what happens to Tibby and Titus!
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Does Matt Johnson have a successful rest of his career?

Does Dolly Mutton's home for retired prostitutes continue to prosper?

Was Mrs K sick all along with the illness that eventually killed her, or were her earlier bouts of ill health unrelated?

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Does Lady B's novel authorship ever become public?

Thank you for all these delightful answers, by the way!

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Can you tell us anything about Ellie N-?

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I am delighted at all these updates.
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It's just like hearing news about dear old friends, isn't it?

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How did Mr T find out that the mathematically inclined governess he corresponded with was actually Miss G? Did she tell him or did he figure it out himself?
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Thank you again for all this! It's absolutely delightful to read :)
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Does the erstwhile Lady N- grow to enjoy her conjugal duties? I hope she does, yet I'm concerned what a pregnancy would do to her in her invalid state. (Does Clorinda teach her about sponges? It seems very improper, and yet...)

I also wonder how Frau P- avoids increase with Mr K-.

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Oh, the book of "female philosophy" that Clorinda found so prepossessing--did you have a particular book in mind?

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